Does your plating chip?Does your plating have dull spots?Is your plating inconsistent in appearance?Part stripping?Part stripping?Do you need plating lot control?

Ctech Metal Finishing is a surface finishing and plating company located in Southeast Georgia that specializes in engineered electrolytic plated coatings and Electroless plating. The products we plate are used in the automotive, electronic, and industrial markets, and our customers range from local machine shops to large multi-national companies. Our large, multi station production lines give us unique capabilities and capacities, that allow us to meet annual production requirements ranging from 1,000 - 100 million parts a year. Frankly speaking, the old cliché holds true… no job is too small or too large, we can do it all.

As a metal plating company we specialize in the following Plating processes:

* Electroless Nickel
* Electrolytic Nickel
* Sulfamate Nickel
* Tin- Electrolytic & Immersion
* Copper
* Nickel PTFE Plating
* Other


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