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Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel is a Nickel Phosphorus alloy of 85 to 98% nickel along with 2 to 15% phosphorus. The major advantages of electroless nickel-plating verses standard electrolytic nickel are the uniformity of the deposit and consistent thickness. Unlike standard nickel plating, which relies on current density in a bath for deposit thickness, the thickness of electroless nickel plating depends solely on the deposition rate and the length of time in the solution. Because of these properties highly accurate and repeatable thicknesses can be obtained making electroless nickel the preferred choice when full part tolerances are critical.

The primary function of Electrloess Nickel plating is itís superior corrosion resistance in a vast array of end application environments. The Phosphorous content is the major component to consider when selecting EN deposits. Environment, corrosion resistance, thickness and finished component tolerances should all be considered when selecting the appropriate EN finish.
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