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Nickel PTFE Plating

Nickel PTFE plating is unique in that PTFE adds to the already slick surface of the electroless nickel deposit, yielding a very low friction surface. It consists of microscopic beads of PTFE o-deposited with the electroless nickel. This finish can be the solution to sticking, galling or drag problems with moving parts, or heated seal surfaces.

Nickel PTFE plating is ideal in applications where liquid lubricants, or lubricant top coatings, are not effective or allowed. The benefits of Nickel PTFE include; Long life lubrication for inaccessible parts. Allows for increased efficiency and quieter operation for slides, bearings and cylinder/piston assemblies. Extends the reliable operation of moving parts when continuously exposed to solvents or working in cryogenic temperatures. Self-lubrication for components in electronic and other sensitive equipment where conventional lubricants are contaminates.

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