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Quality - Adhesion

Peeling, flaking… Should you expect any peeling or flaking anywhere, even on just a few of your plated parts? No! The interface between a plated material is always stronger than the internal strength of either the substrate or the coating. The only reason why coatings will peel or flake is if they are not in direct contact with the substrate. This means the substrate needs to be perfectly clean of any foreign matter, and the reason we take pretreatment seriously at Ctech Metal Finishing.

Clipped edges… Should you expect some clipped edges, even on just a few of your plated parts? This is called spalling, and no you should not expect any spalling on any of your plated parts! A chipped edge down to the substrate is an adhesion problem and can be prevented by the same rigorous cleaning used to prevent peeling or flaking.

Adhesion is the most important aspect of the plated part. Far too often it is not taken as serious as it should. At Ctech, 100% adhesion is our number one goal.

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