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Quality - Staining

Should you expect any stains on your plated parts, even just slight traces of water marks? No! Staining can be prevented by good rinsing, and the proper drying method selected to match your finish and part geometry. Other factors include:

1) poor surface preparation
2) to high a porosity of the plating material
3) rinse water may be overly alkaline or acidic
4) rinse water contaminated with solvents and minerals
5) not enough rinse tanks
6) inferior drying methods
7) unsatisfactory packaging conditions


Just as surface preparation is a key factor in preventing peeling, flaking, and spalling it is also a major factor in achieving a stain free plated part. Contaminants underneath the plating material can migrate their way through a porous coating and eventually show themselves on the surface.

The porosity of the plating material itself will also determine how susceptible it is to staining. The more porous the material the more likely contaminants will have a chance to imbed themselves into the surface. In order in keep the surface sealed, we use only the highest grades of plating solutions.

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