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Technical Team

Lynn Do - Lynn, President and Co-founder CTECH Metal Finishing.She is Vice President of Manufacturing for Component Technologies  She holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from UCONN.  Since 1986, she has been responsible for overall quality, product and process development and manufacturing at Component.  Her practice of starting up every new program insures optimization of throughput, consistency, and competitiveness.
Fred J. Viggiano Jr. - Fred, is a Co-founder of both CTECH Metal Finishing and Component Technologies. He is the Treasurer of CTECH and  President/CEO of Component Technologies.  He worked in financial and operational analysis for several Fortune 50 Companies before entering Metal Finishing in 1979.  The strong manufacturing commitment has helped both companies in taking unique and innovative approaches to methods and technology.  Fred is an active member of both the Connecticut Association of Metal Finishers and the National Association for Surface Finishing.  Fred holds a BA from Boston College,and an MBA from University of Hartford.
Thomas Carmody - Tom, Plant Manager of CTECH Metal Finishing is a graduate of The University of New Haven with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He has spent more than thirty years in the Metal Finishing business. He has worked in Research and Development for MacDermid Chemical and held the position of Technical Director for Victory Finishing.
Laurie Do - Laurie, the Component Technologies Corporate Treasurer, holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from UCONN and is midway through a MS in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University.  Laurie spent 4 years in Quality Engineering at different International Health Products Companies before entering Metal Finishing.  While at Component Laurie has been responsible for process and manufacturing engineering, quality and initiated the Component ISO program. 
Larry Hutnick - Vice President- Sales & Technology at Component Technologies Inc.  A SCSU graduate with 30 years of experience in metal finishing. This includes, sales and process development for metal finishing equipment and materials used in the tumbling, deburring, buffing and polishing, blasting, aqueous cleaning, and robotic finishing in this arena. In addition he was a regional manager for a world leader of electroless nickel chemistry and responsible for sales and services for the Atlantic Coast. An A.E.S.F. certified electro finisher he is a hands-on member of the technical team and an active member of the National Society of Finishers.
Peter Hurwitz Director Component Technologies Inc. holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from MIT and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Brandeis.  Peter was employed in research by Natick Army LABS and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and awarded four patents in metal forming and electroplating.  He has been the CEO and principal stockholder of Chem-Netics, Inc of Walpole, MA for 23 years. 
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